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Top-Quality Video Production

From Concept to Completion we can create Cable ready TV commercials, Social Media , Infomercials, Music,  Instructional Videos, etc  that grab the attention that you need to engage your audience and  customers. There are more examples posted below.


Graphic Design & Illustration

We help to get your ideas from your head to paper. Logos, social media ads, brochures, business cards, posters, banners, cartoon illustrations, etc. 

Audio Musical Services


 Award winning singer / songwriter,  and producer: Saint Tone Productions can write and record, jingles, radio spots, voice overs, personal theme songs, etc

With a full in house recording studio and countless musicians on call; we can produce the perfect sound to you ears. 

Custom Introductions for Speakers

We can enhance your speaking performance with a custom introduction to the stage using voice overs, music, and videos.

About Us

Your One Stop Creative Shop

Founder Tony "Saint Tone"  Lavorgna has been a Graphic Designer for 28 + years and a graduate of Paire College of Art. He has also been an award winning   Singer /  Songwriter for 35 + years, with 17 original CDs recorded, has placed songs into movies, MTV and radio. He as also written jingles for Fortune 500 companies like Subway Restaurants and Dominos Pizza. As a Video Producer for 25 years, he has produced  TV shows, music videos, infomercials, instructional videos,etc.

How Can We Help ?

If you need any Graphic Design, Audio, or Video work please contact us 


Logos, Brochures, Business Cards, Social Media Ads, Flyers, Jingles, Voice Overs, TV Commercial, Social Media Videos, 

Music videos, etc

More Video Examples

 STP produced this Cable TV Commercial for Mike Douglass Plumbing. STP Wrote the jingle, came up with the concept, and produced the video.  

STP produced this Social Media Video for Colorado Stump Removal. The client wanted a video to show how his equipment works but also make it fun to watch under one minute long. 

STP produced this social media commercial for CJ Autos ( a used car dealership ). The client wanted to show how they give  money back to their customers and not spend it on all the typical fan fare of car dealerships.

STP produced this Band Promotional Video for an original group called Saint Tone. They wanted to show some band history while capturing a variety of live performances showcasing their original songs.

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